Saturday, June 20, 2009

The ROM of Ethan & Jenny

My "ex" gym buddy is all grown up by officially marrying Jenny! For the first time I'm calling him Ethan instead of Pang Gyee.. If you recall, I shot their marriage proposal in my first assignment ever (my second blogpost - I hope I've improved tremendously since..)

The registration of marriage took place two Sundays ago and I'm glad to be shooting this for them. I know they've been waiting for some time for the photos - thanks for the patience and here they are. Congrats!

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  1. Hey ex gym buddy! Thanks for the great photo shoot....
    Appreciate it... Looking forward to ur actual day assignment! :P

  2. seriously, i dunno how to say it.... but the pictures jt look great! colour, sharpness, exposure etc....
    P/s: next time don't pose up those pics tht were taken in awkward posing (example pic 1 & pic4)