Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SoonYee & SiewEng

This photoshoot was done 2 weeks ago in anticipation of Soon Yee & Siew Eng's wedding day which took place last Sunday. Siew Eng is a friend whom I've known in high school. It's my first time shooting with Adrian - we did this together with Matthew, ML & TK. Great first experience with CLS and off camera flash. It gives a whole different outcome especially in shooting at low lighting condition.

The place is again the old Butterworth train yard which we had our previous potrait shoot a week before, and we managed to squeeze in another session at the Upper Penang Road area at night.

It's been great to be part of this couple's wedding celebration. Shall post up the wedding day shots once I'm done with them...

A look at the photographers in action.

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  1. this is the shoot with the payungs? wei i like the quality of the pics..looks damn crisp..haha dunno how to explain..macam very sharp

  2. YN... hope you had a great time... well what i can say more..than thanking you..=). well you definitely had carried out the theme very well.. love them alot!...=)

    thanks and best regards,
    siew eng and ah ghee