Wednesday, March 25, 2009

...And Now, Meet Linda!

Finally, here it is - the second series of the photoshoot done on Saturday, featuring Linda. Personally, I'm quite pleased with the results. The fact that the model was dressed in red really compliments well with the yellow wall of the building (good color choice there Linda!). One learning that I picked up from this shoot is that we should not trust our eye when we check on the LCD image under bright sunny day. Use the graph and never underexpose more than -0.3 step (personal opinion). The post-processing was tedious and time consuming. Imagine sorting through over 500 shots! Good thing is, I learned a few new skills using Photoshop and GIMP... And I'm doing what I love doing most!
Again to Linda & Ben - thanks for being such a good sport. Hope you like the photos!

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1 comment:

  1. nice pictures but Ben's is better...the first picture was the main attration. love how you capture the texture on the wall and also the window...keep it up!!!