Friday, March 20, 2009

A Hidden Treasure: Demystifying the Art of Chinese Opera

Day before yesterday I was basically left with no plan after work. My appointment was cancelled, and I'm skipping gym since I'm pretty tired. I had my camera in the car (I was initially planning on re-shooting the pink flowers) but by the time I left, it was already very late. I reluctantly drove home but as I approached my car park, I could see a handful of crowd converging at the open area next to it. Upon closer inspection, I realized it's a chinese opera! Lady luck seemed to be smiling at me.. I've always wanted to shoot a chinese opera and here came my chance, right at my very own door step!!

I ended up spending 2 hours shooting and another 2 today enjoying the show. If only I wasn't worried about moving around in front of the spectator, the shots and the angles should definitely be better...
Let me know what you think.
* A little piece of history & fact here - The Chinese opera in an organized form began in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD). As the dynasties changed, the art evolved and is currently existing in 368 different forms! The Beijing opera, being the best known combines strong traditional Chinese string & percussion rhythm with acting together with elaborate make-up and fancy period costumes.

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  1. pic #5 looks like u la onion! nice piccies. i esp like the pipa player ones