Sunday, March 8, 2009

Building a GREAT Team!

It was a low key affair for our team's teambuilding for this quarter. With the economic situation the world is in and the uncertainty within the company itself, we have decided to hold the event at our very own boss' house! Yup! On the programme line-up was delicious satay rice for lunch, followed by Wii games competition, an ice-breaking session, a test-your-brain game, and Taboo - simple yet enjoyable.

For me, it wasn't the activities I was interested in. Rather, this event provided me an opportunity to practice my photography skill. I had earlier borrowed the 50mm f1.8 lens from Eu Chin, and my.. how impressed I am with the outcome! This is really a great lens for potraiture & landscape shots at a bargain price.. now I'm seriously contemplating getting one.

Check out the photos. [Click here or on the images below to view the full album]