Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Celebration of Love - Pang Gyee & Jenny

To start it off, it's a little disappointing that the photos didn't turn out the way I wanted them to be. I had earlier borrowed my camera to a friend and somehow the setting for the metering was changed to "spot". Being new to metering, I didn't notice or understood what metering does to the photo. The positive thing is, I now learned metering, white balance, as well as colour setting!

Anyway, this event has been planned for a long time. Great effort from Pang Gyee to ensure he is able to close the deal in one go ;) Chiang Leng even came all the way from KL to share this joyous moment. Jenny, obviously did not know what was going on as we told her this would be a normal get-together dinner.

I reached E&O after getting the SB800 speedlite from Keith. Got kinda nervy but we proceeded with a few shots outside the hotel. It could be much better (for sure!), but hey I'm still learning.
The night went as planned. The food was awesome! After the meal, came the moment we've been waiting for. Pang Gyee played the piano much to Jenny's amazement! There was minor flaw, but it perfectly touched Jenny's heart :) The proposal followed thru with Jenny saying yes right away!! It was simply a great night in the end. Mission accomplished and here's waiting for the big night!

[Click on the image below to view the full album]. Enjoy!


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