Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's Something About Fluffy

There must be something about Fluffy that makes me adore him so much. For those who didn't know, Fluffy is my pet dog, a Shih Tzu which I brought home 2 years ago. I always think that he's the best looking dog.. you just have to see his pics and you'll get what I mean. Now he's very much a part of the family.. everyone just loves him!

Shooting Fluffy is a great challenge as he is never at still. If only he understood what I told him to do. I've always wanted to bring him out for a shoot at a park or somewhere nice. One thing about Fluffy though, is that he's such a homely dog! He's not the type that enjoys going out.. trust me. Sometimes I wonder, does he ever get bored staying home everyday?

Well, let's see when I can finally get him out.. Until then, here are some shots done during the CNY holidays at home..

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  1. FLUFFY!!! he sure is adorable!! :)

  2. I LOVE the second pic. he's a cutie. you still haven't brought him for a visit!