Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Walk Along The Heritage Trail

Presenting... my second potrait photography work! In these shots is Siew Wun, whom I've known together with Janice for many years now. A few weeks back, she was asking if I could help do shots of her with her new "bob cut" hairdo. I agreed and requested that she came out with the suggestion for the theme & location. It's not surprising why she chose to be photographed at the Armenian Street. It's the charm of the historical street which stands some of Penang oldest heritage buildings. Clearly there's a sense of belonging in her with the area, which made the session so much at ease, yielding great results.

Hope you like this series of my potrait work. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

p/s: based on feedback received, I agree that pic#26 looks rather unflattering on Wun. I've therefore replaced it!

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  1. I love how her heels stood out in the photos and Siew Wun's expression in the last photo. Though it took me some time to figure out what the metal object in front of her was.Siew Wun has a lovely smile! Good job to both photographer and model!

  2. I enjoyed your use of different angles, colors and textures in your shots :)
    Plus, I think the quirky hairstyle of my dear couz added a touch of class and uniqueness!

  3. Since YN asked me to comment "superbly" it goes:
    Sorry don't have the photography lingo so just gonna comment on what i see!
    Pic #1: I suka!
    Pic #2: You like to take between the shutters eh? i like the 2nd pic there
    Pic#3: bw ♥
    Pic #4: Wunnie looks natural ;)
    Pic #5: not one of my favs
    Pic #6: this one's pretty! =)
    Pic#7: these shots are way cool, you managed to capture her 'preparing', would be nice if the pattern on her mirror is more prominent, as the design there is beautiful
    Pic #8: she can be a model for the watch, bag and accessories!
    Pic #9: cute..i seem to like the bw ones ♥
    Pic #10 & 11: not sure what you're trying to portray here
    Pic #12: where'd you get that?
    Pic #13: i like the colour here
    Pic #14: aku suka!!
    Pic #15: can go right into catalouges
    Pic #16: haha wunnie trying to be cutesy =P funnylah you babe
    Pic #17: creative shot to take her through the bonzai
    Pic #18: wun looks nice, i think she's warmed up here.
    Pic #19: interesting, just don't walk into that pot i'm sure it's gonna hurt!
    Pic #20: I like this one. she looks spunky!
    Pic #21: I LOVE THIS ONE esp the caption below ;)
    Pic #22: Wun looks great here. very natural. you're really a paparazzo..sneaking shots!
    Pic #23: >.< I was hoping to see a clearer shot of her here.
    Pic #24: Minah Hainan owning her crib. lol
    Pic #25: another one for the catalogue. good one!
    Pic #26: YN! you gotta find her best angles, this one i feel is unflattering for her feature.
    Pic #27: nice shot, although i feel the wires here kinda make the 'colonial' feeling get lost
    Pic #28: MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. Very classic.

    All in all I know you must've worked your butt off this shoot, so Kudos to you and also to Wun. =)
    Wun: now you have a selection of pics to show your grandchildren one day =)


  4. The overall arrangement of the potraiture is interesting whereby you manage to lead the viewers through the story that you are trying to tell in the photographs.

    Most of the b&w photos turned out beautifully out of expectations. Alas, I've got quite a number of personal favs here...

    Pic # 3, 6, 9, & 16 are the few which I like..but the ones I like best are #21 & 28 (last pic)

    #21 is rich in colours...and I love the humour in this shot whereby the model is pointing at the wrong direction. The compostion of this photo is catchy...

    My best pick would be the last picture..this is because it looked as though the model is leaving the trail and just stood there for a moment to have one last feel of that place...

    Well done, well done =)

  5. hi yn,

    u take nice photos.
    your opening and final shots are my faves.

  6. Since mariposa asked me to come and see so "i come, i see, i comment":
    Pic #1: I LIKE!
    Pic #2: I don't like cos got benda hijau kacau the pretty gal's face
    Pic#3: I like I like!! very cute model there too..
    Pic #4: I like though got benda hijau since it covered the model's face in a nice way...
    Pic #5: I don't like!!
    Pic #6: oolala nice...
    Pic#7: don't like the first...but love the second and third....nice shot of her eye in the teenie wienie mirror
    Pic #8: oh..macam tersepit jadi bak kua
    Pic #9: love this one..very cute and nice..serene feeling too....
    Pic #10 & 11: apa kaitan swatow lodging house?
    Pic #12: naga kembar bermain mata
    Pic #13: ok....
    Pic #14: omg..this wan is fabulous....genius likey!!!
    Pic #15: looks cool!!!!
    Pic #16: hmmmmmmm......
    Pic #17: oh thats bonzai ka? thought it was grass....and some bark..
    Pic #18: hmmmmmmm...
    Pic #19: walk into that pot and get a new bob style on your head!
    Pic #20: oo nice angle!
    Pic #21: huhuhu....
    Pic #22: wow..the black and white shots are really good!
    Pic #23: macam sniper sahaja...
    Pic #24: friend is a gangster...
    Pic #25: cantik sungguh yang ni..
    Pic #26: aiyer.....Siew Wun where are you!!! who is that gal in the picture..this one me no likey!!!
    Pic #27: hmmm....
    Pic #28: ah...classico.....

    say hello to the new malaysia's next top SIEW WUN!!! *applause applause*...may you have more and more photoshoots in the future...then can have portfolio liao..miahahhaahhaha

  7. great comments all! it'll definitely help me improve. keep it comin...

  8. YN!
    Wun just told me you switched pic #26! now that comment above is invalid and considered void!
    Here's the new one: A very creative shot. looks like she's getting ready for a day moving about in town.

  9. oops Tung is my cousin's account... this is hooiching here...