Monday, April 27, 2009


The first time I saw Shamala was through her internship resume. To be honest, she's one of the more stunning Indian girls I've seen in real life. Having hired my intern, I passed her resume to Nag.. who hired her right away! ;) Now that her internship is coming close to an end, we made sure that she modelled for us to satisfy our penchant for photography. This series of shots didn't come easy. It took us a lot of coaxing (plus Nag's dirty trick) before she finally agreed! :) :)

The shoot was done at Church St. together with Nag & Wilson in just under 2 hours. Rather short but I'm nevertheless pleased with the results.

Shamala, hope you'll like the photos!!

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  1. YN, I'll have to agree with you that she is one of the more stunning ones & she's a natural in front of the camera too. Those who don't know her would think that she's an actress....beautiful.

    As for the photos, you've been doing very well now. I'd say a lot of improvement can be seen here. You're getting good!!!
    I like all the photos..personal favs would be #26, #29, #30 & #32.
    Well Done!! =)

  2. Hey yoongie! this is really beautiful... :) i'm so impressed n honoured...thxz! n yea my personal fav is #2 n #29..

  3. she's a very beautiful lady :) Can send her resume straight to Bollywood after her internship ends..who needs Intel? ehehhe very natural!

    I like the blurry BW Shot - she looks great there!
    #5 is a good shot.
    Semua cantik..
    the anjing so cute oso..siape punye??
    You can come take pics when bobo weds blossom ok? hjahahahha (cousins changed the name from snowball to blossom lol)

  4. Yes Jan, the blurry shot is done to give a sense of motion. I like it!

    Shamy should be floating when she reads this ;)

  5. This is flattering,peepz.. :) thankiu so much..
    I think the credit goes to the superb photographer, yn!! who made me look fabulous... :)

  6. yup i like the motion effect oso :)
    She deserves to float la..the pics really good! Shamy don't malu, u can gloat. hahaha
    eh summer, what pics are those u numbered? i malas wanna kira.

    also like the Statements that you posted. nice, that's what the world is supposed to be anyways.

  7. wow! its u sham!u look pretty & cute as always..yoong nian's creativity brought out some of your sweet pictures with natural look..superb!!love it ya.great job yoongnian..keep it up.
    People out there, as i have been close with her so long..the person that shines in those pictures is a lovely, honest n trustable girl to be friend n sweet shamy-love u..

    my choice will be # 10.. what a face,what a look..amaizing! love u puppy..haha nolah.. my fav is # 29..:-) stay cute ya

  8. Mariposa: thxz!! floating redi...hahaha..

    Turkah: sweet of u gurl..thx 4 da PROMO,turkz..:D :D love u too babe.. :*