Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bridal Shoot - Roxanne & Danielle

So here it is, the outcome from last week's bridal model shoot. Sharing first, the shots of Roxanne and Danielle. Roxanne - I was so attracted by her jovialness - it somehow made the photographer more at ease and I ended having quite a number of good shots of her! While I have the least shots of Danielle, I actually like her for her demure look... Check them out below.

If you're wondering where Karen's (the model in my teaser) are, I'll share them on the next post. Constructive comments are welcomed. [Scroll down or click here to view the flash album]

Shots of Roxanne:

Shots of Danielle:



  1. all the pics look so awesome. I particularly like the first shot - you managed to capture the bird flying as well!
    I adore the parasol photo..ella ella ella. cantik :)

  2. I like the last shot with all the 3 gals together :)